Management & Adminisration


Equ@tions LTD., provides business management and administration services to small - medium sized companies, who require to outsource their business management and administration objectives, to a professional management team with intelligent and strategic global business experience.

We have a customer driven in-house/suppliers chain of professional, intelligent and experienced business teams, with advanced experience in business and technology, utilized for the completion of all business projects.

Professional Value


We provide the possibility for small - medium sized businesses, to have the availability of a professional management team, similar to professional teams of fortune 500 companies, for their business management and administration, ONLY when they need it, thus, reducing their fixed and variable costs in the short and long run, with increased profits as the final outcome, as a result of a better and professionally managed company.

With the combination of Finance, Business, Marketing & Trade, we always deliver superior value and benefits to all our customers



Our first class professional business management and administration services includes:

In-house Professional Accounting | Professional Business Plans | New Product Development Strategies | Team Management | Risk Evaluation of Business | Business Portfolio Analysis | Globalization | Copywriting/Design of Professional Business Documents and Business Contracts | Business Registration Requirements | SocialNomics (Social Network Management)
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Once a new business management or administration project is received from a client, the following procedures follows;

† Perfect Understanding of the Business Environment.
† Creation and Implementation of a Business Strategy that perfectly fits the project requirements of our client.
† Execution of our created Business Strategy.
† Control & Measurement of our executed Business Strategy.

Our success is our intelligent collaboration with our clients!
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• Manage and govern your business professionally and efficiently, as executed by Fortune 500 companies, at competitive prices.
• Analyze portfolios with evidence based statistical data, to determine contributed riskiness, betas, and implement profitable strategies to decrease risk and increase profit margins.
• Write intelligent, professional and strategic Business Plans.
• Manage your in-house management team, with a professional management team, to deliver superior value with positive ROI.
• Construct a professional, intelligent and strategic entry strategy for globalization, which guarantees success in the short/long run.
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